Our services

  • Mowing and Lawn Maintenance
  • Lawn Care and Turf Treatments
  • Aerating, Over-seeding and Lawn Repair
  • Bed Edging and Mulch Installation
  • Pruning and Shrub Care
  • Power Washing
  • Litter Pick Up

People underestimate the mowing process and its impact on the quality of your lawn. We understand the impact and damage that can be done by using sub-par equipment or poorly operating or maintained equipment on your property. Our equipment is high quality, commercial-oriented equipment designed for any lawn task it’s being used for. As you’ve heard, for every task there’s a tool. Our equipment is highly maintained from proper oil changes to the sharpest blades, you will always get the best we can offer. So whether you’re looking for a complete season program or just someone to take care of your property while you’re on vacation, give Exterior design a call today.

Our general lawn maintenance programs include mowing, litter pick up, trimming, blowing grass and debris from surfaces and edging as needed. During our visits we also look for weeds in beds, cracks in sidewalks, and even the cracks in your parking areas.

A truly attractive and healthy lawn comes from many factors, some can be controlled, and some can’t. With this being said, an attractive lawn is more easily achieved if it’s indeed healthy. The overall health of your lawn depends on numerous factors: moisture, soil quality, shade/sun light, and type of seed, just to mention a few. Whether your lawn is high maintenance or low maintenance, it still needs regular feedings. Our most popular program is built around six strategically timed applications of fertilizer combinations. Whether they are just a feeding fertilizer or the fertilizer is combined with another product to combat an existing problem (insects or disease) your lawn may have, we have the answer. Our treatments are applied when your lawn will receive the most benefit from that application; after all, we’re not doing it for the money, we’re doing it for your lawn.

Because we predominantly use granular products in our treatments rather than liquids your lawn will get a more uniform feeding without the “growth spurts” common with liquid applications. Granular products are also more stable in the soil during heavy rains or irrigation allowing them to release nutrients in a time-released fashion versus being washed out.

We also offer services to help maintain healthy flower beds around your property. These services can include weed pre-emergent and fertilizing for your beds along with spraying/treating existing weeds in beds, gravel areas and even the cracks in your sidewalk/driveway. Call today to discuss a program best for you lawn.

We also offer disease control, insect (grubs) control and, yes, we can even treat your lawn for fleas and tics to help your pets and keep your pets from bringing them into your house. Call us today for a free review of your lawn.

Over-seeding and the repair of ugly or thin spots in your lawn is something else we offer and promote especially around September through the middle of October. Lawns do get old; over-seeding should be done maybe every 4-6 years. Over-seeding ensures you will have a lush, full-looking lawn for years to come and will also help your lawn resist weeds. Most people underestimate the level of weed control that comes from having a thick lawn. The thicker the grass is, the more shade there is for the ground to help conserve moisture, but this beneficial shade also keeps small weeds from getting the sunlight they need to become big weeds. Mowing at 3-3.5 inches or higher in the heat of the summer will help provide this beneficial shade.

Aerating plays a large role in maintaining a healthy lawn. With the hot, dry summers we have in Indiana, it’s a wonder any plants are still alive in our lawns. These hot, dry summers do nothing short of baking our ground hard as a rock, and we’re sure you know what we’re talking about if you’ve tried to plant anything in your lawn the last two summers. The heat and lack of rain are only part of the problem; we also are known for having very poor soil (clay) in our area, and then the other factor is soil compaction which comes over time and the simple use of our lawns. Whether you mow with a riding mower or your lawn gets heavy traffic from kids playing and so on, you have soil compaction. Alleviating this compaction through a process call “aerating” will greatly help to resolve this compaction. The act of aerating should be done in the fall (October/November) when the ground is soft from watering or rain. We use plug-style aerators in the fall that can remove a plug of sod/soil from your lawn and then dump it back out on top of the ground. The act of removing literally thousands of these 2-3 inch plugs breaks up thatch and relieves soil compaction through making holes that will now fill up with water which will gently soak into your lawn therefore softening the soil and allowing for air and nutrients to better reach the root zone of your turf. This is also a good practice when over-seeding your lawn and/or fixing bad or poor looking areas in your lawn. Give Exterior design a call today.

Nothing brings that “winter ugly” lawn back to life like fresh mulch highlighted by fresh, crisp bed edges. We offer installation of any mulch of your choosing. You pick the color or style and leave the hard part to us. While we’re talking about mulch, call us for a quote on restoring your bed edges. In no time, we can have your bed edges looking new and fresh again, creating that professional finished look that will make your property stand out. We also offer programs for applying pre-emergent products to your beds to help eliminate/control weeds in your flower beds. Call us today to learn how we can make your beds easier to maintain and more attractive.

We all dread it, but it has to be done–trim those bushes! Talk to us about maintaining the trees and shrubs on your property and see how easy it is for us trim and shape your plants to offer that well-manicured look your property deserves.

Not all shrubs grow at the same rate and some shouldn’t be trimmed at the same time as others due to their growing characteristics. Maybe you have some shrubs that just need to be downsized? We can come in and do selective pruning to reduce the overall size of these plants making them fit better in your landscape whether they’ve just gotten too big or don’t fit where they’re at anymore, they can be re-sized for their location and your properties appearance. Give Exterior design a call today to see how we can help.

How many stains are there in your driveway? What about bird droppings on your fence or the kids play set or your deck/patio? Let us rinse away that ugly stuff. In no time, we can have stains, soil, and mildew rinsed from your property, making it look new and clean once again.

If you’re a commercial manager, you know the importance of having your sidewalks and outdoor dining areas clean, or more importantly, the area around your dumpster. We’re finding it more common that businesses are being pressured to take better care of their dumpster areas for not only aesthetics, but health reasons. These areas often attract insects and critters, not to mention the smell! We can bring in our equipment and blast away the ugliness in these areas, making them more presentable and healthier. Don’t let a stain on your walk or a nasty dumpster distract from your business, call Exterior design today and let us show you how we can help.

For our commercial customers, we offer scheduled programs for picking up litter on your properties. Of course, we’ll pick up these nuisances when we’re there, but we’re only there once a week … what about the rest of the week? Does anybody really want trash and litter lying around their property for a week? Call us today and schedule a visit for us to examine your property and discuss what we can do to help.

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Services overview

Visit to your house

At the same time as we book the survey, we also book your design visit date to take place once we are equipped with the survey drawings. At this visit we go into greater depth about the needs of your property and discuss your requirements and brief in much more detail.

Drafting the design

On return to the studio we start drafting your scheme, with floor plan layouts and scaled elevation drawings, including extensions and alterations as required, to show you how the scheme will look. We try to have the first drafts to you within 3 weeks.

Final proposal

After we have drafted up your scheme in consultation with you and you are really happy with the proposed design we will send you through the final stage 1 package, for your approval.

Program for Any Budget

Call us today to find out more about our lawn care services.

We offer a preferred program of six applications or we can certainly off any program for any budget. Don’t worry, we’ll come when you call. If you have a limited budget yet still would like a basically healthy weed free lawn, we’ll be there when you say you want it treated. Got some unsightly dandelions, just give us a call! We have programs for any budget. All we need to know is what you can spend and we’ll build a program for you around your budget.

Maybe you still have some bad spots in your lawn from one of our recent droughts. We’ll it’s not too late, seeding can be done in the spring. Call us soon so we inspect your property and put a program together for fixing your dead or thin areas.

Exterior services

We ensure that the first impression made by your facility is impressive with a full range of exterior maintenance and cleaning services. We maintain a sparkling exterior with day-to-day care, as well as post-construction clean-up that leaves no trace of renovations.

All year long, and throughout any weather conditions, your building and surrounding areas will be kept pristine by our reliable, experienced staff. We provide all our crews with quality equipment and add value to our exterior services by ensuring that building and landscaping needs are met pro-actively— before infrastructures are affected. We make sure your property is always perfectly packaged, ageless, and inviting.